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Mary Murrays Flowers

Posted by marymurraysflowers on February 16, 2019 Floral Trends Flowers Uncategorized

Trend Alert: IFD’s 2019 Floral Design Predictions

The 2019 Floral Design Predictions have been announced and the designers at Mary Murray’s Flowers are ready to introduce you to some of this year’s most distinctive looks. One that has specifically caught our eye is Forest Walk, an intriguing design that draws inspiration from beneath the forest canopy. Dark, bold tones like green, plum, amber yellow, and brown mingle with the organic materials known to forests’ ecosystem, like vines, pods, moss, stones, berries and mushrooms. From anemones to succulents, the variety of color and texture will be as vast and unique as what you would see on a stroll through the woods. Look for the mesmerizing depths of fluidity among colors and minerals that are both fresh and familiar.

Filled with radiant bold colors bursting from a stylish berry cube vase, this Forest Walk design features roses, carnations, thistle, and succulents with accents of ferns and other leafy foliage for a look that is both elegant and wild at the same time.

Let your love for nature be evident with a Forest Walk design that brings out your earthy side in natural, inspiring ways. Plunge into the depths of a ferny wood to discover the dominant bold colors and playful patterns nature has to offer. The design artisans at Mary Murray Flowers will love to show you more Forest Walk creations that will envelop you in the revelation of forest life.