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5 Flowers We Love

Flowers are always in season and in style at Mary Murray’s Flowers, serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Our florists truly believe in the year-round power of flowers. Flowers are not only fragrant and beautiful, but they also have incredible health benefits that people can enjoy just by spending time around flowers. They’ve been shown to boost mood, lower stress, and improve memory. They’re also important for people who are ailing from illness, injury, or surgical wounds, as they help lower blood pressure and speed recovery.

With so many wonderful reasons to surround yourself with flowers, there’s absolutely no reason why you should wait for a holiday or special occasion to order!

Most Popular Flowers

The most popular flowers are usually chosen for their beauty, fragrance, or symbolic meaning. Flower popularity also depends on where and when you’re living. Lotus flowers and camellias, for example, are very popular in East Asia, but rarely used in other parts of the world. Tulips were also highly prized at one point in time. They were so valuable that they were used as currency and were responsible for a major portion of Holland’s entire economy. Today, tulips are still well-loved, especially for Easter and Mother’s Day, but you’re not likely to find someone who’s willing to pay thousands of dollars for a single tulip bulb.

It’s hard to choose a top-five, but we especially love the following flowers for their stunning appearance, symbolic meanings, and versatility in bouquets.

orange and red roses with greenery in vase

1. Roses

Roses will always be loved for their timeless elegance. They bloom in a variety of colors, and each one’s special because it has its own meaning. You probably already know red roses symbolize romantic love, but did you know that pink roses symbolize admiration, blue roses represent the unattainable or mysterious, lavender roses symbolize love at first sight, yellow roses are for friendship, orange roses mean passion, and white roses symbolize purity?

yellow flowers with green hydrangea and orange pincushion protea

2. Pincushion Protea

Proteas symbolize resourcefulness, courage, transformation, change, and diversity, and we especially love pincushion proteas for their uniquely beautiful appearance. These enchanting blooms are available in a variety of pink and red hues and feature spiky petals that add texture and visual interest to floral designs.

purple orchids red roses and tulips and purple and green accents in vase

3. Orchids

These exotic flowers are available in countless varieties and colors. We especially love orchids for their symbolic meaning which represents glorious femininity, mature charm, exotic beauty, thoughtfulness, and refinement. They’re a great gift for any special woman.

yellow ranunculas orange and pink roses with green accents in vase

4. Ranunculus

With their seemingly endless folds of petals, these flowers possess the same beauty as roses but add an unexpected whimsy to a bouquet. Ranunculus bloom in a variety of vibrant and pastel colors. Appropriately, they symbolize radiant charm or attractiveness.

blue delphinium with red roses and purple and green accents in tall vase

5. Blue Delphinium

Blue delphinium grows in stunningly tall flower cones, and we love to use them to add height to bouquets. They symbolize fun, levity, and lightheartedness – perfect for someone who loves a good time.

Your Favorite Flowers Have Special Meanings

Flowers all have symbolic meanings, and some people think that your favorite flower can also reveal something about your personality. For example, it’s thought that daisy lovers have adventurous spirits, and people who love poppies are vibrant and enthusiastic. If you love violets, you’re probably reserved, but also witty. Those who prefer baby’s breath are young at heart, and those who love lilacs cherish nostalgia. If your favorites are tulips, then you also value family above everything else.

Fast and Reliable Orders of Flowers

When ordering flowers for someone other than yourself, it’s important to consider your relationship with the person, the occasion, and the sentiment you want the flowers to convey. We recommend only ordering red roses for a romantic occasion or relationship. It’s also a good idea to save all-white arrangements for more somber occasions, as they usually represent sympathy and remembrance. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a flower arrangement featuring a variety of colors.

With Mary Murray’s Flowers, ordering a floral gift for someone is simple! Our online ordering feature makes it easy to send flowers to just about any location, and we always welcome customers to stop by our flower shop for personalized assistance.