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See Why Mums Are The Perfect Fall Flower

When fall arrives and the temperatures drop, it’s easy to see why blooms as showy and colorful as chrysanthemums are in high demand. These popular fall flowers are the darling of the fall season, not just because they bloom this time of year, but also because they represent fall colors in the most magnificent shapes and styles.

There are over 40 species and thousands of varieties of mums, so choosing your favorite may be the most difficult task of all. Plus, with their long history of symbolic meaning, mums have firmly planted themselves in the public eye to become a decorating favorite every autumn. At Mary Murrays’ Flowers, we love the variety of mums we can choose from and often use them as accent flowers. Choose some of your favorite mums in your favorite colors to decorate your Tulsa home. See some of the different types below.

Yellow Poms

Viking Mum

Thistle Mum

Button Mum

Football Mum

Quill Mum

Colorful Daisy Mums

Spider Mum

Orange and Yellow Mum

Chrysanthemums and Symbolism

Chrysanthemums have been grown for centuries. Originating in East Asia, these blooms are still highly prized today. Mums have historically been reserved for royalty in parts of Asia and were even added to the imperial seal in Japan. In these countries today, mums still embody the concepts of rejuvenation and long life. In western countries, mums symbolize joy, happiness and optimism, particularly when given as a gift. In America, Chrysanthemums also showcase the fall season with their colors and scents. Clearly, mums are highly prized blooms.

Decorating with chrysanthemums during the fall season is natural and uplifting. Bring some fresh color and meaningful joy into your home or office. Send beautiful blooms to someone special to welcome fall. To learn more about the many varieties of chrysanthemums, or for help choosing the perfect design for your fall decor, talk to the floral experts at Mary Murrays’ Flowers. We’re here to help you make your fall extraordinary- with mums!