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Mary Murrays Flowers

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Best Types of Gifts to Give with Flowers

A modern compact design of pastel roses in lavender, pinks and whites nestled in a hydrangea with dancing lily grass loops. Designed in a glass vase. (vase may vary)

Pastel Compact Roses

Flowers make great gifts because everyone who receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers always accepts them with a wide, happy smile on their face. Plus, smelling flowers produces feelings of happiness and joy while also promoting calm and tranquility. Not to mention, they’re just so dang pretty!! They literally go with any decor.

So if you’re looking to find the perfect gift for someone, choose flowers. If you want to make the gift even more special, find something to go with the flowers. Here at Mary Murray’s Flowers, we’ve got it all taken care of for you. First, choose a gorgeous bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers brilliantly arranged by one of our designers, and then a perfect extra gift item to go along with it. We have a selection of gifts available and we put together a list of wonderful gift ideas that go great with flowers. Keep reading to discover a great gift combo for the special people in your life.

Perfect Gift Ideas to Go With Flowers

Texture, pattern, canvas painted in oils

Art Print or Painting of Flowers

Extend the memory of a beautiful bouquet of flowers by pairing it with a lovely art print of a painting of flowers. Just as real flowers do, a colorful picture of flowers can brighten a room, lift one’s spirits, and enhance the surroundings. For the art lover and flower lover in your life, this gift is a winning combination!

Bottles of essential aromatic oils surrounded by fresh flower

Spa Essentials

Bath bombs, fancy soaps, and lotions are great gifts and loved by nearly every overly-stressed person who needs to relax and unwind. Paired with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, though, turns this spa experience into a super luxurious one.

Artisan Fine Chocolate Candy On Serving Dish

Artisanal Chocolates

Just like smelling the sweet fragrance of fresh, elegant blooms and staring in reverie at their incredible beauty, so too does taking a bite of a decadent, high-quality piece of artisanal chocolate create the same uplifting reverie. Together, it’s a marvel of the senses beyond compare.

Perfume and aromatic oils bottles surrounded by fresh flower


Show your loved one just how thoughtful you are by pairing a bottle of her favorite perfume with a gorgeous array of fragrant, lovely flowers.

Valentines Day flowers and diamonds


Whether an expensive diamond necklace or simple charm, flowers presented with jewelry makes this gift even more exceptional.

Attractive young girl reading book while drinking coffee at sunny day sitting on the balcony

Mystery or Romance Novel

If your special person loves to get lost in the beauty of flowers and a good book, then pairing a novel with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers is the perfect combo gift. She will delight in reading white taking in the sweet fragrance and magical essence of the beautiful blooms. This is one thoughtful gift your sweetie will love!

There are many gifts that pair well with flowers because flowers go with everything! They are the perfect gifts and make everything just so much better. The next time you’re ready to brighten someone’s day with a gift and a beautiful bouquet of blooms, peruse our online selection of floral arrangements for the best quality fresh flowers around.