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Mary Murrays Flowers

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A Complete Color Guide to Fresh Family Flower Arrangements

Words are great for giving props to your favorite people, but the magic of flower color symbolism brings it all to another level! We always remember to cherish Mom on Mother’s Day and appreciate Dad on Father’s Day. And, for those special elders, we brighten their Grandparent’s Day with dazzling blooms. Savvy folks don’t forget to shower their siblings and chosen family with joy — and let’s not overlook those precious fur babies! Here at Mary Murray’s Flowers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have the scoop on how color can truly spread the love via gorgeous floral arrangements.

Pink Petals for Moms & Grandmoms

Timeless pink is such a pretty flower color, and it’s always a joy to see. Whether you want to say “thank you” to your grandmas and mamas or deliver a deep and sincere “I love you forever,” pink will do the trick! Carnations are fantastic — they fully embody a mother’s unconditional and complete love for her kids. Or keep it classic by gifting pink roses, perfect for showing your admiration and appreciation. Posh peonies are also wonderful presents, bringing prosperity to everyone who gets them.

Purple Blooms for Dads & Granddads

What comes to mind when we think about our awesome dads and grandpas? Words like regal and dignified, right? That’s why purple flowers are such a great choice — they’re all about royalty and majesty. Irises stand for wisdom and courage, which will no doubt make him feel super special. Or, you can’t go wrong with lilacs, those old-school flowers with an amazing fragrance. For something more exotic, orchids are a fantastic option, symbolizing nobility and sure to make him smile.

Green & Blue Flowers for Brothers & Honorary Bros

There’s something so calming about flowers, especially blue and green ones. They bring an immediate sense of tranquility and represent dependability and loyalty — qualities our brothers, honorary or by birth, genuinely have. Get the ball rolling with blue hydrangeas for a relaxed feel, paired with the wild energy of blue thistle. Wrap it up with bright green chrysanthemums to acknowledge your friendship and thank them for always being trustworthy.

Peach Stems for Sisters & Honorary Sis

IYKYK: There’s nothing quite like the bond you have with your sister or best friends who pretty much feel like sisters. Let yours know she’s incredible with some peach stems — totally in style right now and sure to bring her tons of happiness. You can’t beat fresh tulips for a classic touch, especially if timeless taste is her jam. And to celebrate your special friendship, go for alstroemeria or delight her with the stunning petals of ranunculus.

Orange & White Flowers for Your Furry Fam

Few things bring more joy than our pets — they’re loyal, cute, and totally own our hearts. That’s reason enough to surprise them with a bouquet of orange and white flowers. Why? These hues signify innocence, happiness, excitement, and purity. (Pro-tip: Select flowers that aren’t toxic to pets!) We love white snapdragons — they draw the eye up and have a unique look. Combine them with orange gerbera daisies for a lovely way to thank your furry friend for all their devotion.

Now that you have awesome color guidance from Mary Murray’s Flowers, you can send the perfect floral message to your family every time. Let your flowers reflect your love, gratitude, and all the feels you want to share.

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