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Why You Should Send a Plant to Someone in the Hospital

When someone you care about ends up in the hospital, you want to do everything you can to help them feel better. Something that has been found to have a measurable impact on people’s well-being has actually been the presence of plants. It seems as though the simple addition of these living things can help patients feel more comfortable and even reduce the duration of their hospital stay. At Mary Murray’s Flowers of Tulsa, we have helped countless people find the perfect selection, and we want to help you, too.

Before you send any flowers to your loved ones, you will want to verify the policies of the hospital. Assuming you can move forward, your next step will be to find the perfect plant to help your loved one.

Selecting the right flowering plant

Selecting the right flowering plant requires careful consideration. You do not want to choose a plant that has an overwhelming scent or releases a lot of pollen, both of which may make the confined space of a hospital room feel uncomfortable.

We offer a variety of plants and arrangements that take these considerations in mind. In particular, we find our peace lily and azalea plants both work particularly well for those in hospitals. In our arrangements, we focus on lovely color combinations that easily brighten the space for any patient.

Smile Bouquet

Selecting the right green plant

With green plants, you want to look for plants that will not require too much care from the person recovering. They might not have the strength or ability to regularly care for the plant. You also want to consider that their room might not have a lot of natural light. For these reasons, we recommend succulents or simple potted gardens which both have the potential to look beautiful and welcoming.

Buying a plant for someone recovering in the hospital is a great way to show that you care. Lighten up your loved one’s space with one of these beautiful flowers. Contact us at Mary Murray’s Flowers today and let us help you get the right gift.

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