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Your Essential Summer Playlist, Inspired By Flowers

One of the best parts of summer is picking out your soundtrack for it. There are always new songs released at its onset, and more still that take the season as their subject matter. And while summer's sunny skies may have inspired hundreds and hundreds of songs, the flora and fauna of the natural world has provided fodder, too. it seems musical artists just can't help but be inspired by the flowers, plants and herbs they see around them. In that spirit, we here at Mary Murray's Flowers have put together a playlist full of titles inspired by what's growing in the garden. Read More about Your Essential Summer Playlist, Inspired By Flowers »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on July 16, 2018 Flowers

The Proper Care And Feeding Of Your Flowers

Did you bring home, send or otherwise receive a gorgeous flower design like Bright 10? If so, you're probably thrilled. They've brought color and life into your home or someone else's, and you'll take pleasure and enjoyment at seeing them there everyday, bright and happy, beckoning you to slow down, pay attention and appreciate the beauty in your life. How do you keep those flowers going for as long as possible? Read on for Mary Murray's Flowers' top tips for helping your flowers live their best life. Read More about The Proper Care And Feeding Of Your Flowers »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on July 9, 2018 Flowers

A Long Strange Floral Trip

Ah summer. That time when our thirst for adventure is at its highest, when the travel plans we've been hatching for the better part of a year finally have their moment in the veritable sun. We're ready to truck across the country or finally embark on that trip abroad. We look ahead to new experiences, new people and new cultures, ready to make some memories and have a good time. But even if we aren't going somewhere this year, we can nip that travel bug in our own homes by bringing in flowers that recall our best trips and favorite moments from summers past. Mary Murray's Flowers invites you to take a long, strange trip back. Read More about A Long Strange Floral Trip »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on July 2, 2018 Flowers

Fit These Flowers Into The 4th of July

Mary Murray's Flowers joins the rest of the country this 4th of July in feeling patriotic and proud. We love our country, and there's no better time to show it than on Independence Day. We reflect on our nation's rich history and appreciate all of those who have given so much to protect, preserve and uphold our shared values. We come together for barbecues, potlucks and parades, or spend the day having fun with friends and family. There's a convivial, social spirit to the day---we may be kicking back by the pool or kicking the ball around in the backyard, but we're with people and we're celebrating. We hang bunting from our front porches and put our flags out, welcoming the ones we love the most into our homes. The flowers we bring to the table (or to our host) on the 4th can be just as inviting. Read More about Fit These Flowers Into The 4th of July »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on June 24, 2018 4th of July Summer

Host The Perfect Dinner Party This Summer

Ah, the summertime dinner party (or any type of party---insert your favorite here). Is it just us here at Mary Murray's Flowers or does everything conspire to make it the perfect time to host just such a gathering? Longer days that stretch into warm evenings. The soundtrack of cicadas. The candlelight, the moonlight, the overall air of easy elegance. We can see the menu now: a platter of salmon or grilled chicken, a heaping salad full of veggies fresh from the garden. Pitchers full of lemonade next to bottles of chilled wine. And in the very middle of the table, a vase of flowers, of course. Read More about Host The Perfect Dinner Party This Summer »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Let’s Swoon Over June

Step aside, February, it's June's turn for romance. While you may not consider the month that brings us the first blush of summer a romantic one, think again. More people get married in June in the U.S. than any other month. That translates to a real demand for flowers, and not just any flowers---the kind suggestive of affection, passion and romance. And where there are weddings, there are anniversaries. Luckily, Mary Murray's Flowers provides fresh blossoms for both weddings and the annual commemoration of them. If you haven't been giving your sweetie flowers for your anniversary, it's time to get on board. Read More about Let’s Swoon Over June »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on June 11, 2018 Anniversary

For Father’s Day, A Few Of His Favorite Things

For some of us, the struggle is real on Father's Day. In the sense that it can be extremely difficult to find a gift for a guy who, when asked what he wants, demurs. Often, the fathers in our lives are the ones who sacrifice a lot for little in return, who give without asking for anything back. Father's Day is the chance to really celebrate them, and yet, we're routinely stumped in what to give. Baseball tickets? A book? Something for the grill? Among the many great ideas, Mary Murray's Flowers would like to add one more, and it may just be the one that delights him the most. Read More about For Father’s Day, A Few Of His Favorite Things »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on June 4, 2018 Father's Day Gifts

Give Your Girl Flowers

Have a BFF? Well it's time to celebrate them. Come June 8, besties far and wide will be gathering together to celebrate their unique, enduring friendships, and we here at Mary Murray's Flowers have the flowers to show for it. We say, plan a brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks with that person who has been with you through thick and thin; the one who embraces all of your quirks, laughs at all your jokes, lets you borrow her clothes, watches your dog when you travel . . . you get the gist. Spend your day with your bestie and have a blast. Offer her flowers like a cherry on top. Read More about Give Your Girl Flowers »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on May 28, 2018 Flowers

A Splash Of Early Summer Flowers

Ready to get a preview of early summer's floral riches? Let's dive in. Mary Murray's Flowers would never say which season is our favorite when it comes to flowers, but we will note that spring and summer, with so many blossoms in common, are a pretty darn spectacular time for florals, plants, greens, you name it. The emphasis is on lots and lots of color as well as texture (consider the frost-sensitive orchid and warm-weather fan sunflower), which translates to designs that have a lot of spunk and offer just as much interest. Think of it this way: we're not just decorating our indoor spaces or entryways in summer. We've got patios and picnic tables to adorn, plants to hang from the front porch, decks to line with pots of summer bloomers. To kick things off right, take a look at one of our brightest, boldest designs. Read More about A Splash Of Early Summer Flowers »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on May 21, 2018 Flowers Summer

Make It A Memorable Memorial Day

Memorial Day is many things to many people---solemn occasion, three-day weekend---but one thing's for sure: it arrives on the cusp of summer. We might be commemorating the soldiers who touched our lives with their sacrifice  and also gathering with friends and family for fun events. We may be attending parades or other poignant ceremonies, along with a barbecue or a pool party. It's that kind of weekend, and Mary Murray's Flowers understands it may call for flowers. Flowers to decorate the outdoor space where you're hosting that dinner party. Flowers to offer someone who is feeling the loss of a beloved hero. Flowers to put on a grave site or to bring as a hostess gift. Luckily, we've got you covered in every scenario. Read More about Make It A Memorable Memorial Day »
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