Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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Add Joy and Grace to Any Room with Pastel Flowers

Use beautiful pastel blossoms to usher in springtime! The terrific thing about pastel colored florals is they opt for any decor. Their soft-hued tones are ideal for brightening a person’s day in an elegant and graceful manner. Perfect for Easter celebrations, Mother’s Day, or simply because, pretty pastel blossoms are a pleasure to see!

Here at Mary Murray’s Flowers, we love working with the soothing, lovely colors of pastels. Below are some of our favorites.

Pretty Pastel Flowers to Bring Into Your Home This Season


Purple Snapdragon

The numerous little vibrant blooms which cover the taller vertical stalk are what make snapdragons so attractive. A fantastic way to perk up a garden or perhaps add color and texture to some floral arrangement, the snapdragon is flexible and charming. Particularly, the pale yellow and purple colors are ideal for celebrating spring. Representing strength, virtue, and grace, the grandiose snapdragons are blossoms which create a statement.

Pink Carnations

Among the most favored plants in the planet, carnations were previously revered by the Ancient Romans and Greeks and it is properly referred to as the “flower of the gods.” Carnations have a great deal of meanings and symbolism related to them that differ across cultures with mostly accepted meanings of love, distinction, and fascination. Pink carnations have their very own significance of sweetness and gratitude.


Indigenous to Australia, the charming waxflower is available in shades of yellow and purple and is a favorite wedding flower since happiness is symbolized by them, good fortune, and long-lasting love. These beautiful star shaped flowers are a great add-on to the floral arrangement.

Lavender Roses

The lavender rose is not too common a shade when it’s seen, it is striking in its fine beauty that whispers rather than shouts. The ideal shade for pastel plans, the distinctive lavender rose symbolizes love, enchantment, and mystery at first sight.

Pink Daisies

Daisies are beloved by everybody! There is just a thing about the daisy which gives off good vibes. Maybe it is since their fine petals radiate around a circular core disc that tends to make them look like the sun. Pink daisies symbolize female, romance, and love energy making them the ideal gift for all of the females in the life of yours.

Bells of Ireland

This plant creates flowering stems with calyxes which create a bell shape, thus its name. The result is what is like a vertical stalk of small bells in fresh, springlike green color. Bells o Ireland symbolize best of luck and fortune and make a fantastic add-on to the floral arrangement.

This adorable cube is filled with purple roses, hydrangea and more. This is a very petite design.

Purple Cluster

This adorable cube is filled with purple roses, hydrangea and more. This is a very pretty design.

For more amazing pastel floral creations, peruse our web catalog now.