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Festive Holiday Crafts

The holidays are a  fantastic time to flex your creative muscles by creating fun, festive crafts to display alongside your gorgeous holiday flowers and centerpieces. One quick, easy do-it-yourself project that will dazzle everyone is sparkling candle holders. Use glitter and glue to transform regular jars into twinkling candle holders, perfect next to a gorgeous bouquet of holiday flowers. The floral artisans at Mary Murray Flowers have plenty of gorgeous arrangements and centerpieces ready for your holiday decor. Read More about Festive Holiday Crafts »
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The Best Holiday Floral Gifts

December is on our doorstep, and in that spirit, Mary Murray's Flowers is unveiling its seasonal collection of floral decor items and gifts. There's a lot to think about this month, but first and foremost will be how you're going to decorate your home and what you're going to give to the people you love. From friends to teachers to co-workers to neighbors, you've probably got a list a mile long. May we suggest you solve some of those holiday gift-giving dilemmas with flowers? Read More about The Best Holiday Floral Gifts »
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Natural Holiday Wreaths

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to begin thinking about how to decorate for the season. Turn your living room or family room into a beautiful setting for holiday foliage. Include a gorgeous seasonal wreath, plant design or floral bouquet among your ornaments, candles and other holiday decor. Take a look at the beautiful wreaths designed by the floral artisans at Mary Murray’s Flowers for some great ideas and inspiration. Read More about Natural Holiday Wreaths »
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A Fun Take On Thanksgiving

If the idea of creating a Thanksgiving feast and entertaining guests is a stressful thought, consider taking a break from tradition and hosting a relaxing pizza and movie night for your closest friends and family. Step out of the kitchen and truly enjoy your guests by spending time with those you’re most thankful for. To still include a hint of tradition, serve pizza, salad and trimmings on beautiful Thanksgiving tableware, complete with gorgeous linens and a floral centerpiece from the fabulous collection at Mary Murray’s Flowers. Read More about A Fun Take On Thanksgiving »
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The Fall Flowers At The Heart Of Your Table

Now that fall has arrived, we turn our attention to decorating for fall gatherings. Your table is a prime spot for fabulous decor this season, and the design experts at Mary Murray’s Flowers have some great ideas for your best tablescape this year. For a small gathering or simply to try something new, set up a fireside meal where the chairs are comfortable and the ambiance is warm and inviting. Fall is full of bold, bright colors and can be celebrated as such. Use the gorgeous harvest hues and jewel tones we associate with autumn across your dining table this season for a festive feel. Take advantage of the available bounty of pumpkins, pinecones, wheat and acorns to add rustic texture to your fall table. Read More about The Fall Flowers At The Heart Of Your Table »
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The Layered Look Of Fall

As you begin to decorate for fall, the design experts at Mary Murray’s Flowers have some decorating tips to help you find balance and warmth through this autumn season: Use fragrant spices and herbs like cedar, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon to evoke the feeling of fall everywhere in your home. Handmade decorations from rustic natural sources like crisp fall leaves, pine cones, acorns and tree branches designed with an artisan’s expertise will help you feel connected to nature and bring a powerful positive energy into your home. Add rich harvest tones throughout your home for a warm, cozy touch of fall. Deep, warm oranges in a variety of shapes and sizes coupled with complementary quiet hues will make any space feel more cozy. Read More about The Layered Look Of Fall »
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Decadently Gorgeous Flowers For Halloween

As Halloween approaches, we begin to include more and more fall colors and textures in our decorating style. This season, why not add a bit of fall color with beautiful autumn flowers in your office or home? Harvest hues and natural autumn textures will evoke the spirit of the season and bring a delightfully sophisticated element to your holiday decorating. Trust the floral experts at Mary Murray’s Flowers to bring together some truly amazing designs for fall that will leave you breathless. Read More about Decadently Gorgeous Flowers For Halloween »
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Celebrate Your Boss This Month

Each October we have the opportunity to honor the bosses who work so hard to make our work lives easier. A great boss is one who is fair, supportive, honest, approachable and encouraging. When you find yourself under this kind of leadership, you can be sure you’re in good hands. This year, Mary Murray’s Flowers is proud to present our collection of excellent gifts, flowers and plants that are perfect for any office setting. Read More about Celebrate Your Boss This Month »
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The Best Way To Honor Hispanic Heritage

This month, from September 15 to October 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This is an excellent opportunity throughout our country to empower greater understanding and deeper appreciation for the enduring contributions of Latinos to our country. During this month-long celebration, which includes the Independence Days of many Latin American nations, we pay tribute to the generations of the Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. Mary Murray’s Flowers chooses to participate in the celebration with flowers that hail from Hispanic America. Read More about The Best Way To Honor Hispanic Heritage »
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