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Mary Murrays Flowers

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5 Gifts College Students Need To Survive The Semester

As students leave home and head back to college campuses, we realize they may not always take everything they need. Students want to be independent. Parents want to make sure they have everything they need. That’s why the designers at Mary Murray’s Flowers have created a list of items students might forget or not even realize they need until they get to campus. Take a look at some of these gift ideas. Then, send one or more to your student during the first week of classes. Make sure they know you’re thinking about them and still taking care of them when you send gifts they need to survive the semester.

Safe Whether they are protecting sensitive documents, financial records or even stowing away some emergency cash, students will find the need for a personal safe invaluable. Find something small that can be tucked under a bed or in the back of the closet for safekeeping.

Gift Cards A college student’s budget is extremely tight. Once in a while, treat them to dinner at their favorite restaurant or a trip to their favorite boutique. With gift cards tucked into a “Thinking of You” greeting card, students will know you get it. Gas and grocery gift cards are always appreciated as well.

Microwave Treats Students are not necessarily gourmet cooks. Many of them rely on their microwave for most of their meals. Send a microwave meal recipe book or microwave accessories to help them make fun treats like s’mores right in their own microwave.

Linens Students may have the bare necessities on their bed to match their dorm room, perhaps. But what about a special quilt grandma made or that particular pillow they can’t sleep without? Make sure they have something special from home as they snuggle in to rest each night.


A Special Delivery Most of all, students need to know that they are being thought of, that you miss them and love them. Send something special that they didn’t expect. A bouquet of flowers, a fun indoor plant or a tasty treat basket always brings a smile. Students will love the surprise and to know that they are on your mind.



She and her roommate are quickly becoming BFFs! Let them celebrate their new-found friendship as they start the year together with this bright bouquet. A clear glass cube vase is overflowing with yellow lilies, orange spray roses and hot pink gerbera daisies and asters for a bright, cheerful display that suits any dorm room desk.


Freshen your student’s dorm room and put a smile on their face with our Smile! design. These assorted green plants are perfect for purifying the air in a dorm room and removing toxins so students can breathe easier, think clearer, and sleep harder.



A wooden box filled with their favorite snacks- need we say more? This Junk Food Basket will hit the spot, whether they’re hanging out with friends or up late studying.


Remind students that you still take care of them and that you are supporting them every step of the way in their college adventure. Send a great gift that is practical and meaningful. Your thoughtfulness will go along way in supporting and encouraging them. For more great college back-to-school gift ideas talk to the designers at Mary Murray’s Flowers. We will help you choose the perfect gift or come up with new ideas to set your student up for success this semester.