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Clever Ideas for This Year’s Thanksgiving Host Gift

November’s the time of year to spend time with your family and be grateful for everything that’s good in your life. This year, if you’ve been invited to a loved one’s house for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner, don’t forget to show your appreciation by bringing a thoughtful host or hostess gift. We know it can sometimes be tough to know what’s appropriate to bring, so our florists, at Mary Murray’s Flowers in Tulsa, put together an exhaustive list of creative ideas for this year’s hostess gifts.

Creative Gift Ideas for Any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host

Bringing a hostess gift to Thanksgiving is simply good manners. It’s the best way to thank your host for inviting you and for their hospitality. You should still bring a hostess gift, even if you’re attending a potluck dinner because organizing everything and preparing one’s house for guests is still a lot of work.

1. Friendsgiving

purple lit candle

Scented Candle

Friendsgiving is similar to Thanksgiving, but reserve for friends only. This fun dinner is usually scheduled for either the Wednesday before or the Wednesday after Thanksgiving when everyone is available. Since it’s just friends, it’s usually less formal than Thanksgiving. When choosing your hostess gift, you can feel free to have a little fun.

  1. Gift a party game for everyone to play after dinner
  2. A yoga mat to encourage relaxed, fit vibes throughout the holiday season
  3. A set of funny fridge magnets
  4. Fuzzy socks, like a hug for your friend’s feet
  5. A miniature festive floral arrangement for a host with limited space or an office
  6. A candle that smells like the best parts of the season (pie)
  7. Bath bombs so your friend can unwind after everyone’s gone home

2. Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

deep red, orange, and brown flowers and accents in grey bowl

Giving Thanks

Regardless of whether you’ll be meeting your partner’s parents for the first time or have known them for ages, you should still bring a hostess gift to Thanksgiving with their family. Choosing an elegant and tasteful gift will show your sincere appreciation for how they’ve welcomed you into their home, family, and holiday traditions.

  1. An impressive floral arrangement fit for a grand entryway or dining room table
  2. A stylish cheese board with cheese knives and markers
  3. An expensive bottle of wine paired with a new opener, wine charms, or aerator
  4. High-quality serving utensils, since they’re always nice to have on Thanksgiving Day
  5. Whiskey stones and a bottle of locally distilled spirits
  6. Gourmet coffee to be enjoyed with dessert or the next morning
  7. A pretty box of chocolates made by hand in your home town

3. Thanksgiving with Your Family


Show your elders how well they raised you by bringing a hostess gift when you go home or to your grandparents’ house this Thanksgiving. Select an item they’ll cherish or something that will help everyone make happy memories on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Decorative kitchen towels for the holiday
  2. An activity for the kids, like a not-too-mess craft project
  3. A set of cute cookie cutters and baking decorations
  4. Sparkling cider so everyone has a fancy drink to toast
  5. High-end hand soap to encourage washing and discourage the spread of viruses
  6. A tin of gourmet macaron cookies
  7. New toys to occupy the household pets

Festive Flowers and Potted Plants Are Always Good Ideas

If you’re still not sure what to bring your hostess, flowers and potted plants are always appropriate choices. Instead of purchasing a bouquet of wrapped flowers that your hostess will have to trim and arrange in water before dinner, we recommend purchasing floral arrangements and centerpieces that have already been trimmed and put together, or you can always choose a potted plant that will last for many years to come.

For more advice and personalized recommendations on the best plants and flowers to give your hostess this Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, we welcome you to stop by Mary Murray’s Flowers. Our expert florists will help you choose the best hostess gift!