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Mary Murrays Flowers

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Love comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and dimensions. You can spend time with someone you love, show your love with a selfless act of kindness, or feel loved by pampering yourself. Whatever your favorite way to celebrate love looks like, it’s sure to be covered in our guide to the best at-home Valentine’s Day. Created just for you from your friends here at Mary Murray’s Flowers, Tulsa’s number one florist.

Seven Ideas For a Memorable Date-Night-In

A darling cube design of premium Rio roses from Ecuador. Ten colorful roses in a modern design for all the different sweethearts in your life.  approx 10 x 10

Send Beautiful Blooms

What’s more lovely than receiving a surprise delivery? If you love coordinating special surprises for friends and family, sending them a breathtaking arrangement, like our “Sweetheart 10,” is perfect for spreading the love this Valentine’s Day. Brighten their day as you remind them that they’re always in your heart. 

Colorful board game pieces

Play Nostalgic Board Games

When the board games come out, so do the children within you and your sweetheart. With a whole day to relax and enjoy each other’s company, do it with the playful, carefree innocence you had back in the day. From “Battleship” to “Scrabble” or even “Twister,” laugh like you once did and see who’s best at these nostalgic board games. 

Romantic date night on the couch with wine, candles, and grapes

Set a Romantic Picnic Inside

Set up a cozy picnic inside by the fireplace, or dim the lights and light your favorite candles. Set the perfect mood with romantic tunes, and don’t overlook a bouquet for bold red roses. You and your honey will love dining on the floor this evening like a picture-perfect rom-com.

Bucket list in white notebook, coffee, and red pen

Write a Couple’s Bucket List

Fill your heart with joy and laughter today as well as plans for an adventurous future. Talk to your beau about what they’ve always wanted to do, see, and explore and compare your own sweet daydreams. Then, write your unique couple’s bucket list together. Your future will look bright and you won’t be able to wait for it. 

Colorful arts and craft supplies

Deliver Homemade Gifts

Love comes in all forms, even handmade gifts. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet day crafting with your community in mind. From simple cards to extravagant creations, create something from your heart. Then, drop off your masterpieces to close by hospitals or neighborhood nursing homes to put love in their hearts and smiles on their faces.  

Couple cooking in the kitchen

Cook a Favorite Dinner Together

Cooking and baking together is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s day at home. Keep your romantic dinner a part of today’s plan, but add more fun to the recipe. Enjoy a day in the kitchen as you prepare your favorite meal and dessert together. You can even pour yourselves some wine before you’re even seated.

Couple holding hands walking through snow

Take a Sweet Stroll

Even though you’re staying home this year, there’s no reason why you can get some much-needed fresh air. Take an after-dinner walk with warm cocktails or hot coffee or tea, and enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood. While you’re out, you might even catch a romantic sunset or a gleaming night sky to set the mood. 

With these romantic ideas, Cupid’s arrow is sure to be hitting you and your Valentine this year. Until then, find some breathtaking blooms from Mary Murray’s Flowers to keep the mood alive or light the spark. Get ready for the most memorable date night yet.