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Petals & Plants that Are Pet-Friendly

Houseplants and fresh flowers in the home are growing in popularity because of the numerous health benefits they provide. Pet ownership is also on the rise, so to keep your fur babies safe and your home full of healthy greenery and florals, it’s important to know which plants and flowers are pet-friendly. Here at Mary Murray’s Flowers, Tulsa’s top florist, we love plants and flowers as much as pets which is why we compiled a list of gorgeous and popular pet-friendly plants and flowers.

Plants & Flowers Safe for Pets

Spider Plant

A long-time favorite houseplant, the Spider plant has grassy, long leaves that overflow its container creating a voluminous-looking plant.  Its leaves are green with edges trimmed in yellow. Spider plants are pet-friendly and are easy to grow, so have a few around – they look great in a hanging planter.

Parlor Palm

A beautifully green, energetic, and lively plant, the Parlor Palm is pet-friendly. Having one in the home is a sure-fire way to bring texture, color, and vitality to any space.

Calathea Orbifolia

Large, round leaves decorated with silver stripes are the distinguishing factor of the ornamental Calathea Orbifilia. This plant thrives in humid environments and provides air-purifying benefits. The Calathea Orbifilia is a pet-friendly and beautiful, eye-catching plant for the home.

Ponytail Palm

For a little whimsy and excitement, add a Ponytail Palm to your plant collection. With thin, long leaves that curve as they grow out of the top of their trunk, this is a plant with movement and rhythm. A hard-to-kill plant, Ponytail Palm is pet-friendly and is a unique type of houseplant.

Polka Dot Plant

With colorful specks of pink, red, or white decorating its leaves, the Polka Dot plant looks like the leaves have been splattered with paint. This is a great choice of houseplant if you want a little more color than green. The Polka Dot plant is a pet-friendly, colorful houseplant that will enhance your decor.


The most popular bloom in the world, the rose is a common fixture in most floral arrangements. Universally recognized for its classic beauty, pleasing scent, and vast array of colors, we love that roses safe for pets because we always want this flower in our home.

Gerbera Daisies

The vivid colors and terrific presence that Gerbera Daisies possess make them beloved among florists and gardeners alike. These blooms demand attention and shine in any arrangement. They also look fabulous on their own in a vase. Gerbera Daisies are pet-friendly so enjoy these beautiful blooms as often as you like.


Vibrant, beautiful, and full of joy, sunflowers are pet-friendly and just right for brightening up your home. Plus, it’s just not summer without these radiant blooms


Snapdragons are dainty, colorful flowers that bloom in large numbers on the top portion of a tall stalk. Wonderful for adding volume and a blast of color in floral arrangements, Snapdragons are also pet-friendly.


Orchid collectors will be glad to know that this exotic and much-coveted plant is pet-friendly. With magnificent flowers that bloom in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, orchids add a sense of mystery and elegance to any room.

Keep Your Pets Safe

If you see your cat or dog demonstrating gastrointestinal distress, lethargy, or vomiting, they may have ingested something toxic. If the symptoms don’t resolve themselves in a day or two, take your pets to see your vet. For a full list of florals that are toxic to cats and dogs, visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.

Protect your Pets

If you have houseplants and flowers that you’re not sure are toxic or not to your fur baby, then play it safe and by keeping them out of reach. This protects your pets and your plants. Enjoy the best of both worlds by having fragrant blooms and thriving plants existing harmoniously with your pet. . To browse our collection of green plants and beautiful flowers, click here.