Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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Meet The Teacher With This Gift

Mary Murray’s Flowers knows you’ve got a back-to-school supplies list about a mile long (or will soon), and we don’t want to rain on your summer parade or anything, but the return to school is nigh. It’s a mostly exciting endeavor with a few nerves thrown in for good measure, but we think we have just the thing to get you and yours started on just the right foot. It’s a garden made for a desk. Specifically, your kid’s teacher’s desk.

We know, we know. Typically we offer the teacher (or principal, or school nurse, or beloved lunch lady) a gift at the end of the school year rather than at the start. But why not now? After all, a sweet gift contributes to a positive relationship with the people you’ve entrusted to teach your child (or yourself). Flowers and plants increase joy in the classroom, bringing the outdoors in, helping to clean the air, giving everyone something beautiful to look at. Our Succulent Garden can go straight to the teacher’s desk an endure the whole year long.

Start the school year off on the right foot by offering your favorite educators something sweet and special to enjoy as they embark on another year of learning.