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Mary Murrays Flowers

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Crisp, White Flowers For End Of Summer

It’s the end of the summer, a fact that is made clear by the arrival of Labor Day. Historically an occasion to celebrate the American worker, we here at Mary Murray’s Flowers believe that the best way to honor every worker’s efforts is to take a break from them. And so did the Labor Party in the late 19th century, proposing a day of rest for laborers that was eventually adopted by the country and designated as the first Monday in September. Now, we think of Labor Day weekend as heralding the end of summer, and we spend it gathering with friends and family, making a last trip or just kicking back at home. We’re fully behind this last one, and highly recommend that you take the opportunity for a little self-care, starting with flowers.

Here’s why white is the perfect palette for late summer: it offers an instant refresh. It’s a hue that simplifies, clarifies and cleanses away the summer clutter, giving the eye something soothing to settle on. It creates a restful vibe in the home at a time when we may need that breath of fresh air the most, before the onset of fall and the holiday season. We love our Alabaster design, which just goes to show how having white flowers doesn’t mean having boring flowers. White hydrangea coupled with white berries, fern and other greens looks intricate and fluid, giving a dynamic effect that is as interesting as it is calming.

All white flowers in a glass cube vase with greenery.

Spend your Labor Day with the ones you love the most, reflecting on your achievements so far this year and rewarding yourself with a break for accomplishing them.