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Avoid Valentine’s Day Stress by Ordering Your Flowers Early

Everyone who’s ever been through a Valentine’s Day with a partner knows that waiting until the last minute to plan anything is a sure-fire way to land yourself in a big pile of anxiety. Our Tulsa florists at Mary Murray’s Flowers are here to remind you that the best way to avoid unnecessary stress and worry on Valentine’s Day is to plan ahead. So, get ready to make your dinner reservations, pick out your gifts, and order your flowers well in advance to ensure you get to relax and enjoy the company of your Valentine this February 14th. 


Hubba Hubba

Hubba Hubba

Even More Reasons to Order Ahead for Valentine’s Day


1. Get Your First Choice of Designs

Every year, millions of bouquets are delivered for Valentine’s Day. With flowers in such high-demand, the most popular flowers, designs, and colors sell out fast. To make sure you get to choose from a complete selection and are able to order your first choice of designs, be sure to beat the crowd and order early.

2. Schedule a Great Delivery Time

Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it aren’t just a busy time for florists, but also for floral delivery drivers. Our delivery schedules fill up quickly around Valentine’s Day, so it’s important to order early if you want to be able to schedule the delivery time of your choice.

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Pink Roses

3. Start the Romance Early

This year, February 14th falls on a Friday, which makes it the perfect opportunity for celebrating Valentine’s Day all week long. If you deliver your bouquet on Monday, your recipient will not only feel extra-special being one of the first to receive flowers but will also get to enjoy the bouquet throughout the week. Plus, delivering flowers early will amplify the romance, excitement, and anticipation surrounding the most romantic day of the year.

4. Save Money

Flowers are often sold at reduced prices in January, which means that ordering early could save you some money. Although getting a great deal doesn’t sound like a grand, romantic gesture, it can be if you put the extra cash toward your fancy Valentine’s Day plans.

5. Get Crazy with Customization

Nothing says “I love you” like showing you know your sweetheart well enough to remember her favorite flower, but if you wait too long to order, we might not be able to get the right flowers in soon enough. Flower suppliers are extra-busy this time of year, which can often mean delays in special orders. If your special someone loves a favorite flower that’s somewhat rare or unique, be sure to order well in advance to ensure we can get them delivered in time.


A beautiful assortment of colored roses and hydrangea inspired by our romance collection. Lavender, pinks, and purples. Modern design in a glass cylinder.

Love and Romance

How to Choose a Wonderfully Romantic Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Classic options like long-stemmed roses and flowers in shades of pink, red, and purple are always great choices for Valentine’s Day. When choosing Valentine’s Day flowers, you can also get personal by asking for a bouquet that incorporates your sweetheart’s favorite type of flower or favorite colors. When in doubt, we recommend asking one of our florists for personalized assistance. We’re flower experts and can point you in the direction of the best floral trends and the freshest, most beautiful blooms available in our area.

Whether you order online, over the phone, or in-person, our florists at Mary Murray’s Flowers are here to help you pick the perfect bouquet for celebrating a day of romance with your favorite Valentine!