Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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An Inspiring New Year

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time to make small changes in our lives that impact our health, relationships and productivity. The floral experts at Mary Murray’s Flowers believe that much inspiration for these changes can come from flowers. Here’s how:

  • Flowers inspire creativity. The beauty of flowers, specifically their colors, can open your mind and help get the creative juices flowing. Place flowers near you when you work for a broader look at all options.
  • Flowers keep you healthy. With their air-purifying qualities, flowers can help you breathe cleaner air, leading to clearer minds and less congestion. Include a fresh bouquet on your office desk for fresh air and deeper focus.
  • Flowers help you strengthen relationships. Caring for another living thing can be a great way to build empathy, compassion and concern for others- all great traits to bring to any relationship!

A beautiful way to inspire new practices as you move into the New Year is with our White Winter.This gorgeous display is full of white winter flowers, cedar, pine cones, and berries in a gold metallic cube container. What a perfect beginning to a new year!

Have an inspiring New Year when you include flowers in your home or office. The floral artisans at Mary Murray’s Flowers are happy to help you choose the perfect arrangement for your inspiration.