Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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A Fun Take On Thanksgiving

If the idea of creating a Thanksgiving feast and entertaining guests is a stressful thought, consider taking a break from tradition and hosting a relaxing pizza and movie night for your closest friends and family. Step out of the kitchen and truly enjoy your guests by spending time with those you’re most thankful for. To still include a hint of tradition, serve pizza, salad and trimmings on beautiful Thanksgiving tableware, complete with gorgeous linens and a floral centerpiece from the fabulous collection at Mary Murray’s Flowers.

Our Golden Harvest design will be the perfect complement to a relaxed but meaningful celebration of family and gratitude. Golden sunflowers, orange and yellow roses, rosemary and purple kale are accented with geranium leaves, red hypericum berries and green apples for a bountiful display.

Formal dining doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the kitchen. For a holiday that includes more time with loved ones than dishes, simplify your menu to something everyone will love and enjoy your day together. For more creative ideas about alternatives to a traditional Thanksgiving, talk to the design experts at Mary Murray’s Flowers. We have plenty of ideas as well as all the flowers you need to create a beautiful, relaxing holiday. Let us deliver your beautiful table decor this season as you simplify your day and make room for family.