Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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Where To Put Those Flowers: A Guide

Tear yourself away from those gorgeous new blossoms and lend Mary Murray’s Flowers your ear for a second. We know, we know. As soon as you bring flowers into your home or receive them as a gift, you spend the first ten minutes just swooning over the design, admiring every last detail and drinking in that intoxicating fragrance, if the flowers have one. You may be taking photos or calling everyone from all corners of the house to bask in the glory of the new arrangement you just got. We get it. But once that’s done, you’re faced with a fun problem: where will you put these babies?

There are some simple considerations to make when it comes to giving flowers a home in yours. First, assess the scale of the design. Are your flowers tall? Is the overall look compact and rounded? Is the piece fluffy and wild-looking? How you answer will help you determine what spot is right for them. If you have an arrangement of skyscraping gladiolus, for instance, you can put those in a foyer or on an accent table in a living room to give their dramatic scale the attention it deserves. Secondly, is your floral arrangement formal, informal or somewhere in between? This could make the difference between placing your beauties on a kitchen table vs. the dining one. Consider fragrance (highly-scented flowers may not be best in dining areas), vibe (got some upbeat sunflowers? a sleek orchid?) and any special nurturing your blossoms may require. Place accordingly.

So if you end up with Sunflowers & Peonies, the epitome of a summer arrangement, you might decide that a sunny spot in the kitchen or on the console behind the couch in the family room is just the spot. Since the feel of this piece is fresh, chipper and easy, no need to go hunting for a more formal space. Let these gems of summer warm up the rooms where you spend the most time.

Sunflowers and peonies in a leaf lined vase.