Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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A Splash Of Early Summer Flowers

Ready to get a preview of early summer’s floral riches? Let’s dive in.

Mary Murray’s Flowers would never say which season is our favorite when it comes to flowers, but we will note that spring and summer, with so many blossoms in common, are a pretty darn spectacular time for florals, plants, greens, you name it. The emphasis is on lots and lots of color as well as texture (consider the frost-sensitive orchid and warm-weather fan sunflower), which translates to designs that have a lot of spunk and offer just as much interest. Think of it this way: we’re not just decorating our indoor spaces or entryways in summer. We’ve got patios and picnic tables to adorn, plants to hang from the front porch, decks to line with pots of summer bloomers. To kick things off right, take a look at one of our brightest, boldest designs.

We’ll let our Groovy do the talking. This is precisely what we mean by fun. Note the color palette, which includes violet, lime green, fuchsia and yellow. Consider the sheer variety of flowers and the spirited bow. This is summer in a vase—vibrant, fragrant, clamoring for attention and a little on the spicy side.  

Enjoy the rest of spring’s floral bounty, but know that when summer comes, a rainbow of blossoms awaits.