Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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Our Resident Mama Talks Kids & Flowers

In honor of Mother’s Day, Mary Murray’s matriarch shares her insight and expertise on kids, flowers and what to give your own mother this May 13th.

Name: Nicki Argo

Kids: KJ, 33, Braden, 26, Cooper, 25, and Keegan, 23

How did you get into floral work? I got into the floral business totally by accident. I started out helping during a holiday to earn tuition money for law school. It was my first and only job. I have been at the same place for the last 30 years.

What do you love most about working with flowers?

My favorite part of working in the flower shop is the relationships I form personally and the role we play in the relationships that our customers have with each other. We assist with dates, weddings, marriages, deaths. Every life-changing event we have involves a relationship, and I get to be part of that. It is heart wrenching at times, but other times it is joyous.

Favorite flower?

My favorite flower is one that blooms. I could never just choose one. On any given day, I will find at least 10 flowers that just became my favorite until I see the next one. They all have something special about them if you just take the time to learn what it is.

If you design, do you have a signature style? Are you known for any specific approach or preference? 

Mary Murray’s is known for quality first and foremost, but we also pride ourselves on making it all about the flower. Our designs are clean and uncluttered. Vases are understated, and every blossom is given its own place to shine.  Nothing trumps the individual blossoms; each have their own moment of glory

What do you love most about being a mom? 

My favorite thing about being a mom is not unlike an artist who finds satisfaction in their finished works. Nothing is more rewarding than to see the works of art children become each and every day. All the tears and work are enjoyed because you know when finished, the end result will be a museum-quality work of art. Your children becoming good citizens with character and empathy for others is what you hope for and have been lucky enough to see. Is there anything better?

What flowers or flower design do moms really want for Mother’s Day, from your point of view? Speaking as both a mom and a flower expert? 

I am a firm believer in the saying that it is the thought that counts. Moms love any bouquet they are given when it truly reflects how much the giver appreciates their mom. Kids who purchase really big expensive flowers to tell their moms they are special do not mean more to a mom than someone who purchased a single flower. Moms know when they are being sent ‘guilt’ flowers. So I would say that when the gesture is genuine, all flowers have the desired results. I speak from personal experience: the years when I received a 99 cent, half-dead plant from the discount store as well as the times when they went all out made an equal impression. Because I know my kids purchased what they were comfortable spending both times, and their hearts were in the right place.

If you could pick one design from your selection to receive yourself, which would it be?If I could pick one to design or to receive it would be Sophia’s Garden. Something about the simplicity of the design and how it has a little fresh-picked’ feel. I like that it’s not pink and purple and still feels soft yet bold.

Pink and peach blooms with green and blue garden flowers in a glass cube vase.