Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

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Make It A Memorable Memorial Day

Memorial Day is many things to many people—solemn occasion, three-day weekend—but one thing’s for sure: it arrives on the cusp of summer. We might be commemorating the soldiers who touched our lives with their sacrifice¬† and also gathering with friends and family for fun events. We may be attending parades or other poignant ceremonies, along with a barbecue or a pool party. It’s that kind of weekend, and Mary Murray’s Flowers understands it may call for flowers. Flowers to decorate the outdoor space where you’re hosting that dinner party. Flowers to offer someone who is feeling the loss of a beloved hero. Flowers to put on a grave site or to bring as a hostess gift. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in every scenario.

One of the things we love about hydrangea is that it isn’t the loudest, boldest flower of the bunch. Since it’s actually a flowering plant, it’s a popular choice for the landscaping around the front of a home. There’s nothing quite like coming upon a lush bush of these beauties. We think the same applies to giving or decorating with a hydrangea plant. Place one on your outdoor table (consider a trio of them down the center), or cluster some throughout your outdoor space. They always have a refreshing, enchanting effect, reminding us of the garden as well as the season.

Hydrangea make a perfect piece to bring into your Memorial Day decor scheme. They’re not too fussy or formal, but lovely all the same.