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Mary Murrays Flowers

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Loving Gifts for Those Far From Home

Keeping the fire going when in a long-distance relationship (LDR) can be difficult, but with the right types of romantic gifts that reinforce your bond, the distance between you and your boo seems just a little bit closer. Studies have shown that frequently sending romantic gifts to each other when in an LDR helps strengthen the bond. Here at Mary Murray’s Flowers, the best florist in Tulsa, we know about love and romance and have selected a few of the very best types of romantic gifts to send your long-distance love that will keep the embers burning.

Gifts to Keep Your Long-Distance Love Bond Strong

one white one black Bond Touch Bracelets - image from Bond-touch

Touch Bracelets

For a subtle, simple, and super-cool way to let your partner know you are thinking about them at that very moment, then pick up a pair of “touch” bracelets for each of you to wear. These cool gadgets are a great way to stay close to your beau. When you touch your bracelet, they feel it! Vibrations and colors that light up will let your boo know you are thinking of them in real-time.

Hug Me Pillow

Hug Pillow

Nighttime is often when it’s hardest being away from the one you love, but a pillow that states “Hug This Until You Can Hug Me” can take a bit of the sting out of it. Having something to hold and keep you warm until you’re with the real thing makes the nights go by just a little quicker until you are reunited with your beau.

Roses in shades of pink. Designed in a glass cylindar, Compact modern design style


The very symbol of love and romance, roses are always the perfect gift to send to a loved one, near or far. There’s really no better gift than gorgeous fresh roses to let your beloved know just how much you care about them and miss them. Roses come in nearly every color now so send some in your partner’s favorite color or mix and match for a striking effect. Leave the red ones for Valentine’s Day and then get more creative for all other days. We promise this is a gift that’s always adored and appreciated.

his and her coffee mugs

Customized Coffee Mugs

If you and your other half both enjoy a cup of hot joe or hot tea each morning, then make it an extra special moment by enjoying it together with customized coffee mugs. These could be coffee cups that each have a picture of the two of you together or perhaps mugs that are part of a set and incomplete with the other one. Either way, making an everyday moment one to share with your beau is how you keep the bond of love strong.

Assorted easy care indoor plants together in a bold ceramic container


Sending a living plant to someone is one of the best gifts to give. Not only do plants freshen up any space and add a touch of green decor to the home, but they also clean the air and provide proven mood-boosting benefits. On top of that, a plant can be seen as a metaphor for your long-distance relationship. As your partner waters, feeds, and nurtures the plant, so too is your relationship being nurtured so it can thrive. Plus, plants live a long time and when you and your boo finally move in together forever, the plants can be a symbol of your love for each other.

Keep the love between you and your long-distance significant other strong by sending thoughtful and caring romantic gifts. Sending gifts lets them know you care a lot about them and love them very much. Once you’ve exhausted the gifts above, just turn to flowers – they are always the perfect gift. There’s nothing sweeter or more romantic than sending fresh seasonal flowers each month to your beloved.