Mary Murrays Flowers

Mary Murrays Flowers

Posted by marymurraysflowers on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

Let’s Swoon Over June

Step aside, February, it’s June’s turn for romance.

While you may not consider the month that brings us the first blush of summer a romantic one, think again. More people get married in June in the U.S. than any other month. That translates to a real demand for flowers, and not just any flowers—the kind suggestive of affection, passion and romance. And where there are weddings, there are anniversaries. Luckily, Mary Murray’s Flowers provides fresh blossoms for both weddings and the annual commemoration of them. If you haven’t been giving your sweetie flowers for your anniversary, it’s time to get on board.

So why are we recommending you offer One Dozen Purple Roses for this year’s anniversary, whether it’s in June or another month? Because purple roses signify you being totally enthralled with the recipient. Hook line and sinker. Crushing forever. Head over heels in love. Purple roses recapture that first moment of falling in love with someone because they symbolize love at first sight. And aside from the color being completely beautiful, it is also somewhere between boldly passionate red and sweet pink. Purple takes an intriguing middle position that embodies both sentiments. One dozen purple roses in a clear glass vase.

You will not regret giving purple roses to your partner in wedded bliss this anniversary. We promise.