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Mary Murrays Flowers

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For Father’s Day, A Few Of His Favorite Things

For some of us, the struggle is real on Father’s Day. In the sense that it can be extremely difficult to find a gift for a guy who, when asked what he wants, demurs. Often, the fathers in our lives are the ones who sacrifice a lot for little in return, who give without asking for anything back. Father’s Day is the chance to really celebrate them, and yet, we’re routinely stumped in what to give. Baseball tickets? A book? Something for the grill? Among the many great ideas, Mary Murray’s Flowers would like to add one more, and it may just be the one that delights him the most.

We call it His Favorite Things, for obvious reasons. Take a look at this basket full of dad-centric goodies. You’ve got barbecue sauce for that grill; beer nuts, snack mix and beef jerky for snacking. Then there’s cheese and salami for more substantial noshing. And we didn’t forget dessert either: Dad’s #1 cookies are tucked in here, too. We love a gift that is more than just a one-time deal, but an experience that unfolds over time, bit by bit. The dad in your life can take some of these to work or spend the afternoon sampling in the kitchen. Each package is another tasty surprise.

What’s better than many gifts in one? We think little. Topped off with a handsome plaid bow, this is a gift guaranteed to make him happy.