Fresh Rose Petals (Hand Picked )

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Imagine your sweetheart opening the door... following a trail of rose petals... a candlelit room, champagne... your bed covered in petals. You get the picture! Romance...a night of passion! A lasting impression... One to remember for years to come! A symbol of Love...a graceful, elegant addition to any special occasion. 

Envision a scene right out of a romantic tale, one that unfolds with the timeless symbol of love—rose petals. Mary Murray's Flowers offers just that enchanting experience with their Fresh Rose Petals, a cascade of colors that can turn any ordinary evening into an affair to remember. Picture the delight, the surprise, the joy that will dance in your sweetheart's eyes when they're greeted by a trail of these silken petals leading to a sanctuary of love adorned just for them. These petals plucked from the finest roses, are not merely fragments of flowers; they are messengers of romance, carriers of passion, and architects of an unforgettable night. They're the soft carpet that paves the way to an evening filled with candlelight and champagne, where every corner whispers of affection and every glance is a sonnet. With the bed strewn in a sea of petals, the ambiance is transformed into something out of a dream, a space where love is not just felt but seen in vivid hues of yellows, pinks, and deep reds.

Mary Murray’s Fresh Rose Petals are more than just decor; they're a grand gesture, a creative expression of love that will be etched in memory for years to come. Ideal for anniversaries, proposals, or to reignite the spark, these petals are your accomplices in crafting a night of pure romance. It’s a graceful and elegant addition that elevates any special occasion to extraordinary.

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