Hands holding a bouquet of vibrant ranunculus flowers under running water from a kitchen faucet, bright sunlight streaming through a window in the background.

The Budding & Blossoming
of Fresh Cut Blooms

An Evolution of Living Art

Fresh-cut flowers create a sweet and inspiring ambiance for any home or special occasion. Like a living, breathing piece of art that changes and evolves, an arrangement from Mary Murray's Flowers includes flowers that bud, bloom, and blossom into something truly breathtaking. Watching each stem mature and cycle through various life stages adds a dynamic and engaging element to fresh floral gifts and decor, offering new textures and fragrances daily. Learn how to care for your arrangement at each stage of life to prolong its beauty and enjoy Mother Nature's gifts for as long as possible.

Pink lotus flowers lie in a clustered arrangement, with some unopened buds, on a wooden surface surrounded by green leaves.

Budding Beauties

When you first bring home or send a fresh flower bouquet, you may notice a few select stems are still buds. This means they haven't opened up just yet, and it's a good thing! It means you will enjoy your bouquet for longer and feel the excitement as you watch these flowers bloom. The anticipation of experiencing the entire life cycle of a flower as each bud reveals a stunning blossom is extraordinary.

Care Tips for Buds

Common flowers in new bouquets that tend to be in this budding stage include peonies, lilies, spray roses, and gladiolus. To care for these flower buds, keep the vase water as clean as possible, ensure your vase is tall and sturdy to support these stems, and use quality flower food for maximum nourishment.

A bouquet of yellow, pink, and white lilies stands in a clear glass vase, set against a softly blurred indoor background.

Bright & Blossoming

As your bouquet matures, these buds will blossom, which is a beautiful, transformative phase to experience. You'll see your bouquet get fuller and evolve like a stunning piece of living art as each flower opens up to reveal its unique shape, color, and scent. This stage transforms your arrangement day by day into a fantastic display that captivates all who see it.

Care Tips for Blossoms

To help encourage your flowers to blossom naturally, place the bouquet in indirect sunlight. If your bouquet includes roses, you can gently remove guard petals to refresh their look as they bloom. As hydrangeas blossom, it's especially important to keep them hydrated by misting their petals lightly, along with regular water change.

Red and pink roses, fully bloomed and in buds, arranged in a close-up, green leafy background.

Bouquet Boost

An inevitable moment in the life cycle of your bouquet is when you notice some of the flowers have reached their prime. However, this doesn't mean your entire bouquet is ready to say goodbye! For instance, those flowers that were buds on day one will outlive those that arrived in full bloom. Other hardy stems, like chrysanthemums, thrive longer than more delicate blossoms like dahlias.

Care Tips for Bouquets

To get the most out of your bouquet, remove flowers that are past their prime and rearrange the remaining stems to maintain a fresh and alluring display. This refreshes the look of your bouquet, helping the remaining flowers stand out more beautifully, and ensures the vase water stays fresh. Remember to clean your vase before rearranging the flowers to prevent bacterial growth.

Embrace every stage of your fresh floral bouquet and marvel at each natural evolving phase. With proper care, your fresh-cut flowers can be a continuous source of joy and beauty, making every day more cheerful, uplifting, and inspiring.