Dozen Red Roses Hand Tied

One dozen of the finest Ecuadorian roses are carefully hand-selected and arranged in their natural beauty.

The gift of roses has long been a gesture steeped in emotion, and when it comes to expressing the deepest of sentiments, nothing speaks more eloquently than a dozen hand-tied red roses from Mary Murray's Flowers. This bouquet embodies a timeless tradition; each rose is a symbol of love and respect, hand-selected from the lush landscapes of Ecuador, renowned for their long-lasting and vibrant blooms. With a natural elegance that needs no embellishment, these roses are gathered in their purest form, hand-tied with care to highlight their velvety petals and rich, ruby hue. Dew-kissed and delicate, the roses are accompanied by a whisper of greenery, enhancing their natural beauty without overshadowing the main spectacle. Wrapped in a classic brown paper with a simple ribbon, the presentation is both rustic and refined, a nod to the old-world charm where the beauty of the flowers speaks for itself.

Sending this arrangement from Mary Murray's is more than just a gift; it’s a message written in the language of flowers, conveying passion, admiration, and a deep connection. Whether for an anniversary, a romantic surprise, or to say "I love you," these hand-tied red roses are a testament to a simple gesture's timeless beauty and power.

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