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Have Some October Fun with These Strange, Scary Flowers

It’s October, which means time for dipping caramel apples, watching scary moves, and picking out Halloween costumes. Of course, our florists at Mary Murray’s Flowers in Tulsa love everything about autumn, we prefer to celebrate the seasons and holidays with everything flowers! This October, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with some of the spookiest flowers from around the world. Keep reading, if you dare!

The Scariest Flowers You’ll Ever See


Hydnora Africana


Not a wildflower you’d want to pick, this subterranean plant is native to southern Africa. It lives underground and feeds off the roots of neighboring plants. When it’s ready to reproduce, the Hydnora Africana pushes these monster-mouth-like flowers to the surface. Looking like aliens coming up for air, the flowers emit a powerful scent of feces to attract pollinators like flies and dung beetles. When an insect lands on the flower, it’s jaw-like petals snap shut, trapping the bug for several days, to ensure it’s sufficiently dusted in pollen.

It’s said that the plant character from “Little Shop of Horrors” was inspired by this monstrous flower. The hydnora africana also strongly resembles the monsters from Netflix’s series “Stranger Things” and the movie “Tremors.”

Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Don’t take time to stop and smell this flower. The Sumatran native gets its name from its powerful stink, which smells strongly of rotting flesh. This particular smell expertly attracts pollinators like flies and beetles, normally drawn to carrion. In addition to its stench, this flower’s also famous for its size. It’s the largest single blooming flower in the world, with the biggest specimens measuring up to nearly three-and-a-half feet across. 

Titan Arum

Titan Arum

Titan means giant in Greek, and that’s where this massive plant gets its name. In full bloom, the largest specimens can grow up to 20 feet tall and 16 feet wide — larger than most rooms! Also a Sumatran native, the titan arum emits an odor to rival its stinking corpse lily neighbors. Chemical analyses have found aromatic compounds similar to those of feces, rotting fish, sweaty socks, chloraseptic, and Limburger cheese with a slight sweetness mixed in. Don’t worry, though, the titan arum can bloom as infrequently as once per decade, keeping the air mostly fresh. 

Spookify Halloween with Pleasantly Perfumed Flowers

Although, you could attempt to grow a titan arum in your great room, why deal with the smell and all the waiting? We recommend decorating for Halloween with flowers that seem as if they were made for the day. 

Black Rose

Orange Daisy Mums

Orange and Yellow Mum

Black roses, for example, actually are designed specially for Halloween. They don’t grow naturally, so they’re dyed for the holiday. They look elegantly macabre in all-black arrangements. For a more whimsical approach, we recommend mixing in yellow and orange flowers and tying off with a fun, festive ribbon. 

To create a cheerful, welcoming vibe around your front door, we recommend chrysanthemums. These traditionally cheerful flowers are available in a variety of colors, including those popular for fall. Bedeck your entryway with pots of yellow, gold, orange, and burgundy mums for a warm, welcoming look.

October Floral Arrangements, Accents, Decor, and More!

At Mary Murray’s Flowers, we have everything you need to celebrate autumn, October, and Halloween! Celebrate the season with scary flowers or beautiful autumn flowers such as our Amber and Fall Fusion bouquets.


Fall Fusion

Whether you’re throwing a costume party, planning a harvest dinner, or simply want to make your house look welcoming for trick-or-treaters, we can help you select the best flowers for October. Stop by our shop or order online today!