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Zippy Summer Florals

Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to gather friends and family together. If you happen to be hosting anything from a barbecue to a baby shower, or just having friends over for an evening on the patio, make sure your summer get-togethers are decked out. Surround yourself and friends and family with zippy summer florals for a festive reflection of warm summer months. The floral designers at Mary Murrays Flowers have created a fabulous summer collection for all of your floral needs. Read More about Zippy Summer Florals »
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Flowers That Celebrate Our Biggest Moments

A child’s first dance recital, play or musical performance is an exciting time for them. The nerves before going on stage and the thrill of a well-done performance that follows involve a roller coaster of emotions. Being on the front row, congratulating them for a job well done and sharing in their joy of performing are all ways you support them. Let your child know you loved their performance and you love them even more with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Mary Murray’s Flowers recommends giving your child flowers that help them capture the memory of their performance even after the curtain falls. Read More about Flowers That Celebrate Our Biggest Moments »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on August 31, 2018 Flowers Gifts

Building Family Bonds Through Flowers

When you see a child interacting with his grandparent, you can tell right away what a special bond exists between them. The relationships that bridge generations are amazing, which is why Grandparents Day was established in the first place. This year, consider planning a special day for the grandchildren and grandparents in your life. Prepare their favorite meal, take them to a show, or spend time swapping stories and memories. Mary Murray’s Flowers recommends bringing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to those special guests of honor, showing them how important they truly are in your family. Read More about Building Family Bonds Through Flowers »
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A Farm Fresh Bouquet For Summer

Be like the bees and hover around some gorgeous, farm-fresh flowers. We all know how important these industrious, efficient little insects are to the planet, and if you don't know, here's a primer: At least 1/3 of our food is dependent on pollination. Bees pollinate over 80% of flowering plants overall. In fact, one in three bites of food we consume comes straight from those pollinated plants. Like many, Mary Murray's Flowers is a huge fan of bees because they play such a pivotal role in the planet's health and well being. And they love what we love---flowers. Read More about A Farm Fresh Bouquet For Summer »
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Where To Put Those Flowers: A Guide

Tear yourself away from those gorgeous new blossoms and lend Mary Murray's Flowers your ear for a second. We know, we know. As soon as you bring flowers into your home or receive them as a gift, you spend the first ten minutes just swooning over the design, admiring every last detail and drinking in that intoxicating fragrance, if the flowers have one. You may be taking photos or calling everyone from all corners of the house to bask in the glory of the new arrangement you just got. We get it. But once that's done, you're faced with a fun problem: where will you put these babies? Read More about Where To Put Those Flowers: A Guide »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on August 3, 2018 Flowers Summer

Your Essential Summer Playlist, Inspired By Flowers

One of the best parts of summer is picking out your soundtrack for it. There are always new songs released at its onset, and more still that take the season as their subject matter. And while summer's sunny skies may have inspired hundreds and hundreds of songs, the flora and fauna of the natural world has provided fodder, too. it seems musical artists just can't help but be inspired by the flowers, plants and herbs they see around them. In that spirit, we here at Mary Murray's Flowers have put together a playlist full of titles inspired by what's growing in the garden. Read More about Your Essential Summer Playlist, Inspired By Flowers »
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A Long Strange Floral Trip

Ah summer. That time when our thirst for adventure is at its highest, when the travel plans we've been hatching for the better part of a year finally have their moment in the veritable sun. We're ready to truck across the country or finally embark on that trip abroad. We look ahead to new experiences, new people and new cultures, ready to make some memories and have a good time. But even if we aren't going somewhere this year, we can nip that travel bug in our own homes by bringing in flowers that recall our best trips and favorite moments from summers past. Mary Murray's Flowers invites you to take a long, strange trip back. Read More about A Long Strange Floral Trip »
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Host The Perfect Dinner Party This Summer

Ah, the summertime dinner party (or any type of party---insert your favorite here). Is it just us here at Mary Murray's Flowers or does everything conspire to make it the perfect time to host just such a gathering? Longer days that stretch into warm evenings. The soundtrack of cicadas. The candlelight, the moonlight, the overall air of easy elegance. We can see the menu now: a platter of salmon or grilled chicken, a heaping salad full of veggies fresh from the garden. Pitchers full of lemonade next to bottles of chilled wine. And in the very middle of the table, a vase of flowers, of course. Read More about Host The Perfect Dinner Party This Summer »
Posted by marymurraysflowers on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer