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Refresh and Revitalize Your Home With Spring Florals

After the spring cleaning is done, take a few more steps to give your home a spring makeover by decorating with fresh, blooming spring flowers. Fragrant floral bouquets and budding green plants bring bright colors, happiness, and the energy of rebirth into your home producing a light, uplifting, and positive mood. Updating your home with a few spring essentials is inexpensive and easy! Here at Mary Murray’s Flowers, our design experts have listed below a few spring décor design tips and ideas to get your home singing spring. You may find you enjoy this bright and colorful look so much that you will keep these décor items around all year long.

Refresh Your Bedroom

Refine your bedroom by purging your closet and drawers. Keep only those items that “spark joy” and donate the rest. It’s time to simplify and lighten up. Replace heavy, dark winter bedding with light floral bedding and pastels. Remove unnecessary furniture or unused exercise equipment and make room for a nice planter instead. Refresh your walls with a new paint color perfect for spring or add colorful pictures of birds or flowers to your walls.

Refresh with Florals

For the final touch, bring in living plants and fresh flowers to make your bedroom a spring-time oasis. Fragrant blooms in soft, pastel colors will add a sense of calm, relaxation, and a touch of romance to your room. Place flowers on your nightstand, dresser, or bookshelf. Pull back the drapes, let in the sunshine and relax. Flowers we like that calm and uplift are:

  • Tulips: Vibrant and wonderful – the essence of spring
  • Peace Lily: Purifies the air and promotes feelings of wellness
  • Eucalyptus: Brings a refreshing vibe and an earthy mint scent
  • Carnations: Bright blooms that are colorful and lucky

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Cut through a year’s worth of grease and grime with a vinegar and lemon solution and plenty of cloths. Just start from the top down with cupboards, cabinets, and pantries wiping down the top, sides, fronts, and interior shelves. Organize the contents within as you go along. Next, focus on appliances and countertops and you’ll be done before you know it.

Reorganize with Florals

Once the cleaning is done, refresh your kitchen space with fragrant, bright sprint-time blooms. Create an elegant and chic space by placing flowers on the window sill, countertop, or kitchen table. Add a pop of greenery with a vine plant placed above the cabinets or on a table next to a kitchen window. Some great choices of plants and florals for the kitchen are:

  • Hyacinth: Joyful and vibrant flowers with a pop of color
  • Gerbera Daisies: Symbolize cheerfulness
  • Daffodils: The #1 mood-boosting bloom with a sweet scent
  • Sunflowers: Happy and warm, a great choice for kitchen decor

Refine Your Bathroom

Reorganize and create a whole new look! Start by de-cluttering the countertops, drawers, and cabinets. Toss out old and unused makeup and expired medicine and ointments. Give everything a good wipe down and pick up a makeup organizer or two to everything looking neat.

Refine with Florals

Elevate your bathroom to resemble a spa by adding plants and flowers. Place a single stem in a clear vase for a simple yet fresh look. Add a lush green plant for freshness, and consider putting an orchid on the counter, where they will thrive in the humid environment. A few more flowers we like for the bathroom are:

  • Peonies: Add grace & elegance to the bathroom
  • Hydrangea: Aids in calming, relaxing, and lifting spirits
  • Orchids: A pop of color and symbol of refinement
  • Sweet Peas: Sweet symbol of pleasure and gratitude

Take your spring cleaning a step further by transforming your home into a spring delight! Bask in the energy, lightness, renewal, and rejuvenation that the season of spring brings. You may be surprised as to how good a spring refresh can make you and your family feel. As always. Mary Murray’s Flowers is here to help with all your floral needs.