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Mary Murrays Flowers

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Host The Perfect Dinner Party This Summer

Ah, the summertime dinner party (or any type of party—insert your favorite here). Is it just us here at Mary Murray’s Flowers or does everything conspire to make it the perfect time to host just such a gathering? Longer days that stretch into warm evenings. The soundtrack of cicadas. The candlelight, the moonlight, the overall air of easy elegance. We can see the menu now: a platter of salmon or grilled chicken, a heaping salad full of veggies fresh from the garden. Pitchers full of lemonade next to bottles of chilled wine. And in the very middle of the table, a vase of flowers, of course.

Summer’s flavors are bright and vibrant. A touch of citrus is both refreshing and energizing, a great palette cleanser. We love a centerpiece that plays well with what you’re serving up, which is why we’ve selected Little Mary Sunshine for your consideration. Lemon-yellow lilies, garden roses and more blossoms in citrus-inspired hues offer a place for the eye to rest while your guests are noshing on ceviche and the like. This modestly-sized arrangement won’t obstruct the view across the table either.

Pair the perfect flowers with your June dinner party menu. Cheers to another wonderful summer!